Asta Mail, Education Coordinator

Asta holds a Master’s of Professional Science from the University of Miami. It was during this degree that Asta developed her passion for sailing and citizen science research. For her thesis, she developed and led an expedition aboard a 70′ racing yacht to collect plastic pollution research data in the Great Lakes. This was just the beginning of an exciting career in experiential education.

 Since graduating, Asta has worked on many experiential sail programs, including Class Afloat, SEA Programs, Three Hour Sail and Broadreach Educational Adventures. She now has sailed over 45,000 nautical miles in her lifetime, and hopes to accrue many more on the decks of Achiever this year. 

Asta joined Raincoast’s team in 2021, bringing with her many years of experience in creating and running sail expedition programs. Her motivation in life is to inspire others to explore the wonders of nature, and to cultivate a voice for conservation. 

Asta is honored to work with Raincoast and their many inspiring and passionate scientists. When not working, you can find Asta and her husband Andrew sailing through the Gulf Islands.

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Asta Mail profile photo, smiling in the sunshine.
Photo by Alex Harris / Raincoast Conservation Foundation.