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Political populations of large carnivores

Mashup of maps and population distribution graphs overlaid onto wolf skull illustrations.

A team led by researchers from Raincoast, UVic, and Simon Fraser University reviewed the scientific literature for cases in which independent scientists scrutinized government reporting of wildlife population sizes, trends and associated policy. The findings are reported in a new paper, “Political populations of large carnivores,” ….

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Drill Baby Drill

Alaska governor Sarah Palin is really more frightening than fiesty \ \ CounterPunch, October 20, 2008 \ Monday Magazine,\’a0 October 15, 2008 \ \ By Chris Genovali \ \ Victoria’s Times-Colonist writer Iain Hunter’s recent column on John McCain’s vice-presidential pick Sarah Palin (“Our election needs Palin’s feistiness,” September 8, 2008) exemplifies the type of […]

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