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The Death Cults Among Us

By Chris Genovali and Camilla Fox

Montana’s request to hunt endangered gray wolves has been turned down by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; not that the federal agency is opposed to wolf hunting, but because they believe the Montana proposal would not survive a legal challenge…

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Animal-welfare needs to go wild say Raincoast scientists

A new study published in the Journal of Animal Welfare by Raincoast scientists Paul Paquet and Chris Darimont, argues that degrading or destroying habitats and other impacts of human activities on wildlife causes them to suffer.  As such, animal welfare considerations granted to domestic animals need to be expanded to include wild animals. Photo: grizzly […]

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Group says animal welfare rules should apply in the wild – and these images show you why

Remote cameras in the forests near Bella Bella show bears hanging out in a circle. Animal-welfare rules that apply to animals in captivity like pets and farm animals should also apply to wildlife, says a newly published study by scientists from the Victoria -based Raincoast Conservation Foundation. The peer-reviewed paper, published in the British scientific […]

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Wildlife conservation meets animal welfare

Paquet, P.C., and C.T. Darimont. 2010. Wildlife conservation meets animal welfare: two sides of the same coin? Animal Welfare 19: 177-190. Animal Studies Repository Research Gate Abstract Human activities deprive wild animals of their life requisites by destroying or impoverishing their surroundings, causing suffering of individuals. Yet, the notion that animal welfare applies to wildlife […]

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