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Pipeline risks need a closer look

Vancouver Sun
By Chris Genovali and Misty MacDuffee
The B.C. government has announced five requirements that must be met before it approves any new heavy-oil pipeline..

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Tankers and tar sands oil threaten seas

Oil tanker in BC waters

Gulf Islands Driftwood
December 13, 2011

By Chris Genovali and Misty MacDuffee

Kinder Morgan wants to triple the amount of crude oil being shipped from Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet through Georgia Strait, the Fraser estuary, the Gulf Islands, the San Juan Islands, Haro Strait and Juan de Fuca Strait…

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Tankers and orcas cannot co-exist

By Misty MacDuffee and Chris Genovali, Island Tides July 28, 2011

According to Kinder Morgan, an estimated 288 tankers (576 transits) will leave Westridge Terminal by 2016, up from 71 tankers (142 transits) in 2010. This translates to more than one tanker per day transiting our region’s front yard…

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B.C. coast at risk if crude oil delivery rises substantially

Enbridge Northern Gateway is proposing a pipeline and oil tankers through BC

By Misty MacDuffee and Chris Genovali, Edmonton Journal July 23, 2011

Earlier this year, energy giant Kinder Morgan submitted an application proposing to increase the capacity of the Trans Mountain pipeline that is delivering oilsands crude to the Westridge Marine Terminal in British Columbia’s Burrard Inlet…

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