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Finding communities in salmon conservation

A salmon splashes in a shallow stream, surrounding by the vibrant colours of autumn.

As I crouch on the riverbank taking measurements of the salmon carcass, the ever-telling sensation of being watched creeps up my neck. I look up to see a mother black bear and her two cubs across the river, staring right at me. Our eyes meet, and time slows. In this moment of connected eyes and […]

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Hair Extravaganza

We approach the site in silence, hoping to find evidence of an ursid visitor. Crouching close to the ground, we examine each barb along the 25 m of fencing we set up. Having set up 71 of these barbed wire hair snagging stations across 5000 square kilometers, our work now consists of returning to each […]

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The Grizzly Bear Necessities

Seaside Times By Chris Genovali 2008 ranked as one of the worst years for salmon returns on British Columbia’s central coast and the ‘silent fall’ I experienced there last year, while not surprising given the lack of fish, was disturbing nonetheless…

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The bear essentials of saving salmon

Fully protected safe havens would have positive effect on ecosystems By Chris Darimont and Misty MacDuffee Times Colonist The headlines blare across local, regional, and national media: Nine million Fraser River sockeye salmon missing. At the same time, questions have arisen concerning the status of other Pacific salmon runs

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Salmon for Bears

How do salmon declines affect coastal bears? And how much salmon biomass is required to sustain terrestrial species? These are questions many people are asking in light of the increasing number of salmon runs that fail to return as expected to fall spawning streams.

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