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British Columbia’s coast in the balance

Island Tides, Apr 1, 2010 Chris Genovali, Paul Paquet and Misty MacDuffee In this part of the world March 24 will, to borrow a phrase from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, live in infamy; it’s the anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster that took place in Alaska’s Prince William Sound in 1989.

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Oil sands, tankers and climate. Raincoast speaks out

Climate change is real and demands a concerted effort Vancouver Sun Climategate’s a convenient sideshow to the real issue Victoria News Climategate a convenient sideshow Ottawa Citizen Climategate is first in a new wave of attacks The Ecologist Hopenhagen or Dopenhagen? Common Dreams, Georgia Strait, Climate change policy in the dark Toronto Star Now the […]

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Raincoast Wolves posterchild

BC’s unique coastal wolves grace the cover of the Journal of Biogeography.  The current issue features work by Raincoast scientists that concludes BC coastal wolves should be considered a distinct management unit (ESU) that warrant conservation. Journal of Biogeography    Volume 36, Issue 8, 2009.

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Trophy-hunt packages will remain on eBay

Conservationists vow to continue campaign to stop postings of hunts Judith Lavoie Times-Colonist May 2, 2009 eBay is not ready to ban sales of trophy hunts on its popular buy-and-sell website, despite pressure from environmental groups. The Raincoast Conservation Foundation, based on Vancouver Island, has been a leader of the campaign to stop eBay

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Oil sands and seabirds don’t mix

Chris Genovali Island Tides April 9, 2009 I’m on my back on the aft deck of Raincoast’s research vessel. My repose is involuntary as we ply the lumpy waters of Haida Gwaii’s west coast. Not one prone to sea-sickness, I nevertheless feel like my head is virtually nailed down, a result of the interminable chop.

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