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My – how they’ve grown!

As many parents will agree, youngsters have a way about growing up fast. One day, they are tiny; the next day they are taller than you. One day, they seem so new to the world; the next it seems like they run the world. 

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The Bear Necessities

by Nick Garbutt, Geographical Magazine BC’s bear populations are intimately connected to the salmon on which they feed. But according to recent research, that connection goes all the way to the forest itself.   Read more….. Geographic Magazine_Bears and Salmon.pdf

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Field Notes: Saving our bears

Outpost Magazine,  April 2010, by Chris Darimont In one of Nature’s most elegant pas de daux, salmon and bear engage in a delicate dance for survival.  The bear is losing… We’re searching for solutions to one of the most critical questions facing coastal B.C. today: how to guarantee grizzlies enough salmon to ensure their survival. […]

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