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B.C.’s approach to wildlife management needs major ethical reform

A bighorn sheep close up on face and eye.

British Columbia has begun an ambitious effort to review the province’s approach to managing wildlife, with $14 million committed so far. The Province’s interest in reform is encouraging. As explained in a letter we recently published in the journal Science…

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Industrialization of coast looming

Guest column by Chris Genovali The Province, May 27, 2009 According to some expert claims, the B.C. Liberals’ re-election can be, in part, attributed to support for their climate-change policy, specifically the carbon tax.

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B.C. Liberals show a paler shade of green

Idea that Liberal victory was due to climate policy is just plain silly By Chris Genovali, Special to the Times Colonist, May 22, 2009 Counterpunch, May 23 Reflecting on the noise of the just concluded provincial election, an amusing turn of phrase that appeared on the American political blog comes to mind: “Yea, Though […]

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Inaccuracies used to criticize editorial

February 20, 2009 Courier Islander Mike Price and Craig Orr In response to Kelly Osborn’s recent critique of Neil Cameron’s original editorial (Courier- Islander, Feb. 6, Revealing Report), several selectively reported and simply inaccurate statements deserve comment.

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The cry of the wolf

Globe and Mail December 19, 2008 by Chris Darimont and Chris Genovali With dismay we read Mark Hume’s article (B.C.’s Quiet War On Wolves – Dec.15). Emboldened by the forest industry and hunting groups, the province has demonized and made scapegoats of wolves for the decline of everything from marmots to mountain caribou.

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Fin Whale Frenzy

By Ian McLeod Marine Mammal Observer Journal Entry – October 2007 It was another early start for Raincoast’s marine mammal survey team as we needed every minute of light to complete the long transect from Haida Gwaii to the mainland in less than favourable conditions—cold winds and a slopping two-metre swell that seemed to come […]

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