Oil Futures: We’re in for a whale of a time, one way or another

BY: CHRIS GENOVALI MONDAY MAGAZINE August 27, 2008 The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) recently released its 2008 list of threatened species of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises). While this news was reasonably encouraging for the global recovery of populations of humpback whales, these assessments have far-reaching impacts on their conservation management.

Scale of B.C. grizzly bear hunt, population disputed

The Prince Rupert Daily News Thursday, July 31, 2008 George T. Baker In a Vancouver Sun article published on Tuesday, it was reported that 430 grizzly bears were killed in the province last year. But the Environment Minister Barry Penner shot back that the number was not accurately portrayed by the coalition of scientists, conservationists…

Ban grizzly bear hunting, group pleads

Globe and Mail July 29, 2008 SUNNY DHILLON VANCOUVER — A conservation group based on Vancouver Island is urging the British Columbia government to “immediately end all hunting of grizzly bears” in the province, given “uncertainty” about the species’ current population.  The Raincoast Conservation Society made the request in a letter sent to Premier Gordon…

Column misses point, B.C. lacks endangered species legislation

Victoria News July 30, 2008 by Chris Genovali Re: “Protecting species is everyone’s job” (Tom Fletcher, July 16) The article’s argument that the B.C. government’s “advertising for more people to visit parks and get out fishing … might be more important to biodiversity than difficult-to-enforce endangered species laws” is facile at best.

Small streams surveys

Small streams surveys

Our interest in small streams stems from their importance to genetic diversity, as nutrient corridors for riparian habitats, food and access sources for bears and other predators, evolutionary opportunities, and fresh water rearing habitat for juvenile salmon, especially coho. When combined, small streams can also provide moderate salmon production which can be important for subsistence fisheries.

Grizzly viewing beats hunting

by Chris Genovali letters – Victoria Times Colonist and Vancouver Province Published: Sunday, June 15, 2008 Re: ” Poll: Ban grizzly hunting in B.C.,” June 11. British Columbians have been strongly opposed to the grizzly hunt for several years. In 2001, the International Fund for Animal Welfare commissioned Strategic Communications to conduct a province wide…

The Price of Oil: Alberta black gold rush threatens BC’s coast

Monday Magazine Last Word By CHRIS GENOVALI Feb 13 2008 One of the biggest industrial projects on the planet is about to get even bigger with corporate giant British Petroleum recently announcing their intention to heavily invest in Alberta’s oil sands. British Columbians should be concerned about what is happening with the oil sands, as…

Sea lice are spreading. Is the government noticing?

By Stephen Hume Vancouver Sun January 23, 2008 Sea lice infestations affecting wild salmon smolts that migrate past fish farms have been found in yet another region of British Columbia’s remote coast. The problem poses potential headaches for the provincial government, since it suggests implications for commercial and recreational fisheries worth close to $1 billion…