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Notes from the Field

Raincoast’s monthly communication detailing our science, field work, events, and breaking conservation updates.

Wolf Project Journal, August 2002

Published on 2002.08.01 | by Chris Darimont, Raincoast Director of Science | in Notes from the Field

In our last dispatch we had not yet learned of the locations of the 2002 “home sites”, where wolves give birth and care for their young. Wolves are habitual creatures but our early spring searches had failed to locate the sites in areas they had been the previous year. By mid August, however, we found […]

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Journal of the Wolf Project – June 2002

Published on 2002.06.01 | by Chris Darimont, Raincoast Director of Science | in Notes from the Field

After a long winter analyzing last year’s samples and data, our team is happy to be back in the footsteps of rainforest wolves. This spring was good to us – the “wolfiest ” session to date. We saw 17 different wolves from five different packs, and many of them several times. Each day we come […]

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Field Journal, August 2001

Published on 2001.08.01 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

Karen McAllister Bella Bella, 2001 We all wore waders, we split up into three groups and headed up the river, as far as we could go. Ian and Chris went WAY up there. Erica and I began our trek just at the mouth of river, and followed a trail up the steep cliffs. We crossed […]

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