Nightingale Bursary in Ocean Engagement

John Nightingale, PhD, tireless champion of ocean conservation, and former CEO of the Vancouver Aquarium and the Ocean Wise Conservation Association, passed away peacefully after a brief illness. 

John’s passion was connecting people to nature and the world’s oceans and through that connection, inspiring curiosity, knowledge and commitment to ocean conservation.

Please consider supporting John’s vision, and his significant legacy, through donations to the “Nightingale Bursary in Ocean Engagement”. This will be awarded annually to a worthy recipient at the Raincoast Ocean Awards, beginning in the fall of 2023. Originally established at the time of his retirement from Ocean Wise in 2018, John purposefully chose Raincoast Conservation Foundation as the long term steward for this award.

John Nightingale wearing a lifejacket and tilly hat with the ocean in the background.