Warm up your ears

This warm-up activity will get students identifying sources of sound and practice active listening. 


  1. Have students select a spot and sit down. This activity can be done outside or inside. Tip: Select a quiet spot where the students will not get distracted.
  2. Pass out an index card or sheet of paper to each student and have them draw themselves or write their name in the centre of their paper. This will represent their location within the space.
  3. Ask students to close their eyes and listen actively to all the sounds around them. 
  4. Have students mark sounds they hear relative to their location on the map with an X. 
  5. After 5 minutes, have students share their maps and all the sounds they heard. What were the sources of these sounds? Were they artificial or natural sounds?


  • 1 sheet of paper or index card per student 
  • 1 clipboard per student (optional)
  • 1 pencil/pen per student

Estimated time

5 minutes