Friday is the last day to make a bid in our online auction

One Shot for Coastal Carnivores exhibit and auction is ending on Friday, December 14 at 6:00pm Pacific.

The online auction of our wildlife photography exhibit, One Shot for Coastal Carnivores, is coming to a close this week.

The gallery showings at the Karen Cooper Gallery, Vancouver, Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria and at the Audain Art Museum, Whistler, have been a whirlwind and a great opportunity to rally support behind the campaign. It’s been inspiring for Raincoast to see so many support our goal, with our Coastal First Nations partners, to end commercial trophy hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Before we took the pieces down one final time this Sunday, I took the time for one last look. From selecting the images with April Bencze (thanks April), to hanging them, moving them and packing them up one last time, it’s hard not to become a little attached. Each picture captures a moment spent with individuals, each worthy of all the care we can afford, regardless of any value they bring to us.

The skill of the photographers captured this and I encourage you to read the story of each photograph, each coastal carnivore, and learn more about the photographers to whom we owe such a huge debt of thanks.

You can still support the campaign and keep a memento through the purchase of a limited edition print and you have until Friday at 6pm to make your bid .

The money raised all supports our Safeguarding Coastal Carnivores campaign.

Online auction

Visitors inspect the giant photos at the Audain Art Gallery, in support of the Coastal Carnivores campaign.

My bid was for April’s piece, so I was both disappointed and delighted when I was quickly outbid. Whether through a print, purchase of one of the pieces, or a donation, you can return a thanks to coastal carnivores by permanently safeguarding 2,350 square kilometers of the Nadeea tenure and maybe your wall can host a keepsake and reminder of your support for this.

Bidding is open until Friday at 6:00pm.

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