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Decade-long increase in hunting licences for grizzlies & black bears

A black bear stands on his hind legs and leans up against a tree

Published on 2015.03.26 | by Raincoast | in In the News

Travis Lupick / Georgia Straight
This season, more bear hunters are expected to take to the province’s forests than in any year in recent memory…

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Comment: Green MLA’s grizzly bill poorly thought out

A grizzly bear eats a salmon during the making of Groundswell

Published on 2015.03.19 | by Raincoast | in In the News

Raincoast takes issue with MLA Andrew Weaver’s re-labelling BC’s grizzly trophy hunt as a food hunt…

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Opinion: Bullets all feel the same to the bears

3 trophy hunters kneel behind a dead grizzly.

Published on 2015.02.12 | by Raincoast | in In the News

Brian Falconer & Chris Genovali/Vancouver Sun
The recent controversy surrounding the tug of war between the B.C. Wildlife Federation and the Guide Outfitters Association of B.C. over the allocation of wildlife is a lurid sideshow…

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Wolf murder Canadian style continues as if it’s conservation

Killing wolves for "sport"

Published on 2015.01.29 | by Raincoast | in In the News

Marc Bekoff/Psychology Today
An earlier murder escapade in Alberta didn’t work and there’s no reason to assume this one will…

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Island cougars on losing end of interactions with humans

Cougar by Klaus Pommerenke

Published on 2015.01.27 | by Raincoast | in In the News

Katherine Dedyna / Times Colonist
Wildlife might be close to the hearts of B.C. residents in theory, but in real life, it’s rare for cougars who come into contact with humans to survive the encounter…

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Your voices against the wolf cull

two wolves running on snow

Published on 2015.01.24 | by Raincoast | in In the News

Read some of the letters written to Minister Steve Thomson, Premier Christy Clark and BC MLAs, in opposition to the government’s wolf cull. Send us yours…

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BC hunting wolves by helicopter to save endangered caribou

Cry wolf banner plain

Published on 2015.01.18 | by Raincoast | in In the News

James Keller/The Canadian Press
Government-contracted hunters were in helicopters over two regions of BC on Thursday as the province launched a controversial wolf culling program in an attempt to save endangered caribou…

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BC government slaughtering wolves

Killing wolves for "sport"

Published on | by Raincoast | in In the News

BC government kills wolves as scapegoats for caribou decline…

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Stop the slaughter of wolves in Alberta and BC

Killing wolves for "sport"

Published on | by Raincoast | in In the News

Chris Genovali/The Huffington Post
Instead of addressing the root cause of caribou decline -habitat loss,- the BC and Alberta governments are slaughtering hundreds of wolves…

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