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Follow Raincoast’s conservation work as it appears in popular media outlets.

Big oil v orcas: Canadians fight pipeline that threatens killer whales

Published on 2016.11.16 | by Raincoast | in In the News, Kinder Morgan, Oil free coast

The Guardian: Trans Mountain Expansion project poses the greatest risk yet to a killer whale population on the edge of extinction…

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A Diesel Spill is putting the World’s Largest Temperate Rainforest at Risk

Published on 2016.11.05 | by Kyle Artelle | in In the News, Oil free coast, oil tankers, Opinion Editorials

Almost three weeks later, the sunken tug is still there, still intermittently leaking diesel, and clean-up efforts have barely begun…

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Notes from the Field: After the spill

Published on 2016.10.27 | by Kyle Artelle | in In the News, Notes from the Field

As a Raincoast biologist privileged to call Waglisla (Bella Bella) in Heiltsuk Territory home, this is a story I wish I wasn’t writing…

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Trophy hunting of cougars may increase cougar-human conflict, study finds

Published on 2016.10.25 | by Raincoast | in In the News

Cougar trophy hunting in B.C. is linked to human conflicts, according to a study published Monday by researchers from the University of Victoria, the University of Cape Town and the Raincoast Conservation Foundation…

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Death of L95 and the lives of Southern Resident killer whales

Published on 2016.10.24 | by Raincoast | in Audio, In the News

Misty MacDuffee speaks with Roundhouse Radio about the life and death of Southern Resident killer whales…

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Storm slowing down clean up of “sickening” oil spill on west coast

Published on 2016.10.21 | by Raincoast | in In the News

More than 60% of the Heiltsuk First Nation’s harvesting clam beds have already been destroyed and the impact on salmon, kelp and herring in the months to come could be severe…

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Chinook salmon and its importance to Southern Resident killer whales

Three orcas swim from right to left.

Published on 2016.09.24 | by Raincoast | in Audio, In the News

Raincoast’s Misty MacDuffee speaks with Roundhouse Radio about the importance of Chinook (Spring) salmon to the survival of Southern Resident killer whales.

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Time is running out for British Columbia’s killer whales

Killer Whale in the Pacific

Published on 2016.09.09 | by Chris Genovali | in Opinion Editorials

It has been 14 years since Southern Resident killer whales were listed as endangered. Today, less than 85 of these whales remain. Despite their legal obligation, the federal government has failed to take measures to recover these endangered whales…

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Comment: National Energy Board is failing killer whales

Killer Whale in the Pacific

Published on 2016.06.30 | by Raincoast | in Opinion Editorials, southern resident killer whales

Chris Genovali , Misty MacDuffee and Paul Paquet / Times Colonist
Last month, the NEB recommended approval of Kinder Morgan’s proposed expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline and accompanying increase in oil-tanker traffic…

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