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April 23rd 2014

Humpback whales rebound from near extinction, move down on at-risk species list

Mark Hume / The Globe and Mail
The change, made quietly over the Easter weekend when a notice was published in the Canada Gazette, removes one environmental hurdle for proposed pipeline projects in British Columbia…

April 23rd 2014

Feds removal of humpback whales from at-risk list questioned

David P. Ball / 24 hours Vancouver
Humpback whales were removed from Canada’s species-at-risk list Tuesday, a decision some scientists allege was fast-tracked under political pressure…

April 22nd 2014

Ottawa removing North Pacific humpback whales from list of ‘threatened’ species

Peter O’Neil / Vancouver Sun
The Harper government is downgrading the protection of the North Pacific humpback whale despite objections from a clear majority of groups that were consulted…

April 17th 2014

‘Drift cards’ found washing ashore

Cali Bagby / Islands Sounder
Last week Sukima Hampton was walking on a friend’s private beach west of Eastsound when she was horrified to find a pink card with the words “This could be oil” printed on it…

April 15th 2014

Opinion: BC government wants grizzly bears dead

Chris Genovali / Special to the Vancouver Sun
We want these bears dead. This is the message the B.C. government’s “reallocation policy” sends to Raincoast, to British Columbians, and to the world…

April 14th 2014

In small Canadian town democracy wins, tar sands lose

Andrea Germanos / Common Dreams
In a vote cheered as a victory for democracy, one community in BC has given a flat rejection to a proposed tar sands pipeline…


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