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Follow Raincoast’s conservation work as it appears in popular media outlets.

MacLeans covers the trophy hunting of BC grizzly bears

Grizzly with chum- nathan deBruyn

Published on 2014.10.28 | by Raincoast | in In the News

Magazine speaks with three Raincoast leaders about the BC grizzly hunt and the province’s determination to kill bears…

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‘Coast guard under estimated risk of fuel spill’ says Raincoast Captain


Published on 2014.10.22 | by Raincoast | in In the News

Raincoast’s Captain Brian Falconer speaks with the Times Colonist about the disabled Russian container ship adrift off Haida Gwaii…

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Gary Holman’s community office hosts conservation art pieces

Painting by Alan Wylie of sea lions on a rocky haulout

Published on 2014.10.08 | by Raincoast | in In the News

MLA Gary Holman’s community office in Sidney BC is hosting paintings from Raincoast’s Oil-Free Coast art collection as part of the 2014 ArtSea Festival.

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Coastal Grizzlies on the Move

A.S.Wright-swiming grizz banner

Published on 2014.09.04 | by Raincoast | in In the News

Seaside Magazine: Grizzlies are moving to islands. Their presence should trigger greater habitat protection in the Great Bear Rainforest…

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Oil spill simulation gets locals talking about possibility of crude along the Salish Sea


Published on 2014.08.29 | by Raincoast | in In the News

Jenny Uechi / Vancouver Observer
Tamara Phillips was swimming near Stanley Park when her eye caught a glimpse of a yellow card floating along the water’s surface…

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Oil Spill Simulated On B.C.’s Fraser River, Burrard Inlet


Published on 2014.08.28 | by Raincoast | in In the News

The Huffington Post B.C.
Researchers place bright yellow cards into the Fraser River to simulate how far a potential oil spill from the Trans Canada pipeline would spread…

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Oil cards expected to wash up along Richmond’s shores


Published on | by Raincoast | in In the News

Graeme Wood / Richmond News
If you’ve walked along the dyke recently, you might be asking yourself: What are those yellow things floating in the Fraser River or stuck on the rocks…

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Drift cards released on Fraser River to simulate pipeline oil spill risk


Published on 2014.08.27 | by Raincoast | in In the News

Larry Pynn / Vancouver Sun
400 drift cards were released into the Fraser River to better understand where a Kinder Morgan oil spill might go…

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‘This could be oil’: Drift cards tossed into Fraser River to simulate oil spill


Published on | by Raincoast | in In the News

Emily Jackson / Metro
Four hundred plywood drift cards stamped with the warning “This could be oil” were tossed into the Fraser River Tuesday to simulate how far oil could travel…

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