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Summer employment opportunity

The rises while we head out on the Lower Fraser to conduct our research

Are you a biology student looking for a great summer job? Check out Raincoast’s juvenile salmon program in the Fraser Estuary. We are looking to hire two field assistants…

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Achiever at rest and at work

The sailboat, Achiever, docks for the evening.

Check out these images of Raincoast’s research vessel Achiever ‘at rest and at work’ recently taken by our Field Station manager Doug Brown. The ‘at rest’ shot is the boat tied up at the Raincoast Field Station.

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Honouring ‘Wolfman’ Doug Brown Jr.

Doug Brown

Our first ‘real’ blog post from the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest! Perhaps you are expecting tales of bears, wolves, or salmon.  Well, after three days of fieldwork, we have not yet seen any charismatic wildlife (except a nice spike buck in velvet). And we have heard that locals have been catching some salmon, […]

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Emerging from the den

Our spring field season has arrived and is led by Dr. Chris Darimont, Raincoast Director of Science by Chris Darimont Possessing only a rudimentary knowledge of gravity, delicate little claws for braking, and pure trust in their momma, brand new grizzly cubs are slip-sliding their way down snowfields this month as they emerge from their […]

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