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Research: Trophy hunters pay more to target larger-bodied carnivores

A polar bear rolls on their back with their mouth open, and there's a graph floating in the top right.

The behaviour of human hunters diverges from other animals. Other predators tend to target vulnerable individuals in prey populations. Humans, often males, tend to hunt large, reproductive-aged individuals. In the case of guided trophy hunting these species are likely perceived as costly, by increasing failure risk and risk of injury, and providing lower nutritional returns.

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In and out of Africa

By Chris Darimont Research Scientist, Rainforest Wolf Program Tanzania, December 2008 Guttural roars and the cracking of bone drown out any sound of the river, which by this time of year has slowed to a mere trickle. On its banks, blood-soaked muzzles plunge into fallen prey as if it were their final meal.

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