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Converging knowledges to inform and empower conservation

A still, quiet day on the Koeye River watershed.

This past summer, I had the opportunity to travel aboard the Raincoast vessel Achiever with several other members of the ACS lab to participate in Koeye camp, a cultural revitalization and education program operated by the Heiltsuk First Nation’s QQS Projects Society. We were there to engage with the youth campers about the research conducted by […]

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A Koeye Camp Idyll

by Bryce Bocking As the boat containing my fellow Raincoast colleagues and I drew near the Koeye River, memories of the last time I was here, nearly five years ago (at age fourteen), began to return. As a first year engineering student and volunteer with Raincoast, I looked forward to the following days I’d be […]

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Kids of Kvai

Our time at Kvai (Koeye) is coming to an end far too quickly. This morning we had another fun day of learning and games. First, we learned about provisioning theory: some of the kids (including me) pretended to be chicks in nests of different sizes, begging their parents (other kids) for food (goldfish crackers).

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Magic of Koeye

I feel lucky to be at the Koeye River again where Heiltsuk youth come every year to take part in culture/science camps. Representing Raincoast, Doug, Kyle, Bryce, and I have come for a week as science resource people and also to learn from the campers and camp staff.

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