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Notes from the Lab

A black wolf stands on the edge of the water.

Biologist Rainforest Wolf ProjectParasitology labUniversity of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Peering down the eyepiece of my microscope, I scan a slide for larval stages of parasites. I find one that is familiar-a brown, translucent egg of the tapeworm Diphyllobothrium-and begin to count. One, two …. With the Wolf Project crew out of the field, our dedicated lab […]

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Bear Interactions

By Heather Bryan, PhD Candidate and Rainforest Wolf Project From the white sands of Koeye River September 2007 Twilight at Koeye River flushes white sand dunes pink, softens the sound of howling wind in Fischer channel, and dampens the roar of the wave standing at river’s mouth. In these short moments of calm, a big […]

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