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Lower Fraser Salmon Conservation Program coordinator – Job specification

Raincoast’s Lower Fraser River Salmon Conservation Program

Given the importance of habitat to Fraser River salmon, and the intensity of development pressures in the Lower River and estuary, Raincoast has initiated a Lower Fraser Salmon Conservation Program. Our goal is to restore and recover the reproductive potential of wild salmon habitat within the Lower Fraser River. Our work here is focused on estuary research, restoration and building a vision for salmon habitat conservation. A major component of the program, and focus of this role, is supporting the development, and ultimately implementation, of a vision for salmon habitat conservation and restoration. Implementing this plan requires a governance structure and funding mechanism with an overarching priority of ecological resilience.

Over the past four years, Raincoast has been actively engaging community members in the Lower Fraser to discuss the concept of a vision for salmon habitat. This has included leading a series of workshops to discuss issues, concerns and considerations in developing and implementing this vision. The priority for this is role is to support and coordinate Raincoast’s efforts to create and establish such a plan, including working with partners to develop potential governance structures for salmon habitat management, restoration and protection. It will also include developing and overseeing Raincoast’s strategic communication and outreach efforts.

We are also leading a long term research program in the Fraser River estuary focused on understanding juvenile salmon presence, timing and distribution and the associated restoration of migration barriers in site specific locations. This activity runs in parallel to this work.

Core tasks

  • Managing and building relationships with First Nations, federal and provincial government agencies, conservation groups, municipalities and a range of organizations and individuals.
  • Production of technical and non-technical briefing documents relating to salmon habitat. conservation, restoration and protection.
  • Engaging in public and media forums including content for social media.
  • Management of the program budget and preparation of funding proposals and grant reports.


  • Postgraduate degree in biology, environmental science or related fields.
  • Knowledge of and interest in conservation issues facing wild salmon in British Columbia.
  • Effective written and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Reside in, or be willing to relocate to, BC’s Lower Mainland.
  • Valid driving license and willingness to travel throughout BC’s Lower Mainland.


  • Experience with science communication, including a working knowledge of social media platforms.

About us

Raincoast is a team of conservationists and scientists empowered by our research to protect the lands, waters and wildlife of coastal British Columbia. We use rigorous, peer-reviewed science and community engagement to further our conservation objectives. We call this approach ‘informed advocacy’. As a charitable, non-profit conservation science organization that operates a research lab, research field station and a research/sailing vessel, we are unique in Canada. Our on-the-ground presence coupled with our rigorous peer-reviewed science, unique among environmental groups, has given us a deep-rooted understanding of this vast coastline, its processes and its people.

Mission: To protect the land, water and wildlife of coastal British Columbia.

Vision: Our vision for coastal British Columbia is to protect the habitats and resources of umbrella species. We believe this approach will help ensure the survival of wildlife and ecological processes at all levels. Central to our efforts are long-term relationships with Indigenous governments that are rapidly regaining agency over conservation decisions.

Mandate: investigate, inform, inspire


Please send a current resume and a one page cover letter outlining your interest and, and suitability for, this position to by 13.00 August 2nd 2019. Please use your initials and, “Lower Fraser post” as the email subject title.

Want to volunteer?

Contact us about volunteering as well. Our fieldwork is generally two weeks of every month and you can join us for a day or a week. We start early so being mainland-based is easier than coming from the island.

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