Photographers are coming together to support our work

Canadian Conservation has organized an auction that will run until December 1st with 32 photographers.

Canadian Conservation is a collective of nature/conservation photographers who have joined forces to use their art to support conservation initiatives across the country. Each year, the participating photographers auction prints of their photography to support an organization. This year, 100% of the proceeds of all art sold from 32 photographers will be donated to Raincoast. 

The auctions will take place on Instagram and will run from November 27st to December 1st. View Canadian Conservation’s Instagram page for all the photo prints that are available, or see below for the list of photographers and more information on the auction. 

This is your seventh year running the auction. How have the last ones been and why did you choose Raincoast as the beneficiary this year? 

We definitely don’t measure the success of any of the auctions monetarily, rather we all simply love helping out all of these amazing groups doing conservation work across Canada. That said, we have collectively raised over $55,000 across our first six auctions, which is pretty mind blowing, and it is amazing to watch this initiative grow. 

We run two auctions per year, so with this our now seventh auction, it is the start of our third year of auctions for the collective. In past auctions, we have donated to Nature Conservancy of Canada, Echo Conservation Society, Grizzly Bear Foundation, Coyote Watch Canada, Wildlife Preservation Canada, and Polar Bears International. We are stoked for our seventh auction to be supporting Raincoast! The decision to donate to Raincoast was easy as we love the work you all do to protect the ecosystems and wildlife of coastal BC. Raincoast takes on large scale, often very challenging tasks and issues to protect wildlife and their habitats, work we very much admire.  

What role does ethics play in photography within your collective? 

Ethics in both wildlife and landscape photography are key and are of the utmost importance to all of the photographers in the collective. Each photographer is selected based on not only their artistic merit, but also on their consistent conservation and ethical mindset and messaging in their work. We as a group, and as individuals, are constantly using our platforms to speak out about conservation issues and ethics in photography; these auctions provide us with another avenue to support so many of the amazing groups doing very important conservation work across the country, Raincoast included!

We understand that you are a salmon scientist. Can you tell us more about that work? 

I have been a salmon stock assessment technician now for over 23 years with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and am now the Senior Technician for the Lower Fraser area. It is an amazing job that takes me all over the province of BC. I am involved with the team of people that assess the health and returns of wild Pacific Salmon in the Fraser River watershed.  

Who are the participating photographers that we can purchase prints from? 

You can view the collection of this years photographs on the Canadian Conservation Instagram, or view the 32 individual photographer’s instagram accounts below. 

Shane Kalyn @4elementphotos
Brittany Crossman @bkcrossman
Colleen Gara @colleengaraphoto
Lyndon Sawatzky @lyndonswildphotos
Dr. Lauren Todd @blonde_biologist
Jean-Christophe Lemay @jclemayphoto
Greg Klein @gregkleinphotography
Lisa Marie @ymustang5
Chris McQuarrie @myinnerwild
Brandon Broderick @brandonbroderick
Aaron Todd @aaronktodd
Geoffrey Reynaud @reynaud.geoffrey
Amanda Beers @amanda_beers_photography
Nila Sivatheesan @nilasivatheesan
Kris Tynski @tynskiphoto
Kate McKeown @conservationbycamera
Mark Bernards @markbernards3
Julie Whitbread @whitbread_naturephotography
Nick Parayko @nickparaykoimages
Nicholas Poirier @nicholasjpoirier
Christine @photosbyricecakes
April Stampe @aprilstampephotography
Andrew McCurdy @lonelyspruce
Anna Morgan @annamorganphotographer
Yuri Choufour @yurichoufour
Liron Gertsman @liron_gertsman_photography
Adam Skalzub @abombs_wildlife
John Mergais @jmeragiasphoto
Jenna Joly @faunafotography
Cari Siebrets @wildlifewithcari
Brian Hockenstein @brianhockenstein
Meredith Stead @meredithsteadphotosandmusic

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We investigate to understand coastal species and processes. We inform by bringing science to decision-makers and communities. We inspire action to protect wildlife and wildlife habitats.

Coastal wolf with a salmon in its month.
Photo by Dene Rossouw.