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For 15 years, Raincoast has been at the forefront of the campaign to end British Columbia’s grizzly hunt.  Scientists from Raincoast, University of Victoria, and Simon Fraser University, have just released a new scientific study in the journal PLOS ONE that shows current management is gambling the future of grizzly bears. Here’s our media release about the study.

The time to end this hunt, for which there is no ethical, economic, or ecological justification, is now!

How you can help

1.  Sign the petition at

2.  Tell your MP or MLA to support an immediate ban on the hunt.

3.  Donate to Raincoast’s continued efforts to better understand, advocate for, and protect British Columbia’s Grizzly Bears and priceless ecosystems.

Learn more

Click here to learn more about Raincoast’s history of work towards ending the hunt, including a provincial moratorium on the hunt won in 2001 (quickly overturned when Gordon Campbell came into power), our 2003 Economic Analysis on the economic benefits of ecotourism compared to bear hunting, the successful Freedom of Information fight by Raincoast and Ecojustice for provincial kill data awarded in BC’s Supreme Court, and our ongoing work to acquire hunting territories, saving dozens of grizzlies, black bears, and wolves from being hunted over enormous territories (total km?)