The following pieces are two examples of the extraordinary original art donated by the artists to Raincoast in an effort to stop Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project.  Most of the art has now been sold by auction raising over $200,000 towards Raincoast’s intervenor role in the CEAA/ NEB hearing process, documentary production, art exhibitions in BC and Alberta, and legal challenges, to stop Northern Gateway.  It worked.  Enbridge’s Northern Gateway proposal was finally rejected by the Canadian federal government in November 2016.

 What Lies Beneath by Chil Thom  
 86 x 102 cm  Acrylic on canvas                                                          From Chili:  The piece itself took about 3 weeks to finish, but hopefully that helps to prevent what could be destroyed in 3 seconds with a tanker spill.






The Raincoast Bowl by Craig Benson 
76 x 97 x 28 cm Bronze bowl
A single piece of Brazilian soapstone weighing 227 kilograms was carved 360 degrees over a period of fifteen months. Raincoast Bowl was cast from this carving and represents our coastal estuaries with wolves; black and grizzly bears; and pink, coho, and spring salmon