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Nathaniel Glickman, Education and Outreach Associate

Nathaniel is a co-coordinator of the Salish Sea Emerging Stewards (SSES) program. He has been working and volunteering with Raincoast for seven years, and worked on the Groundswell campaign.

Nathaniel studied Biology and Geography at the University of Victoria. He worked as the science program coordinator for the Karioi Munga program in Raglan NZ, as an interpreter at the Ucluelet aquarium, field coordinator for the Hakai Institute for the Hundred Islands project. His work with Raincoast has also been in the field with the Raincoast lab in partnership with the Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department. He has also worked as a field technician on the Sea Otter project with Hakai Institute and the Soloman Lab out of Simon Fraser University.

Nathaniel has taught snowboarding and surfing around the world. He is a youth engagement expert and stoke spreader.

You can find Nathaniel in the surf and hiking the coast.


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Nathaniel Glickman on WSANEC territory at the Raincoast office.

Outreach & Education Associate.

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