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B.C. wolf hunt raises hackles

A wolf lies in the grass, blending into the background

By Dene Moore The Canadian Press
The BC government lifted hunting restrictions on wolves. But Raincoast carnivore expert Dr. Paul Paquet said the ministry doesn’t have the information needed to make that decision…

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BC declares open season on wolves

by Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun

The BC government has declared open season on wolves in the Cariboo region, a move that critics like Raincoast’s Dr. Paul Paquet contend is unjustifiable and based on politics, not science…

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The cry of the wolf

Globe and Mail December 19, 2008 by Chris Darimont and Chris Genovali With dismay we read Mark Hume’s article (B.C.’s Quiet War On Wolves – Dec.15). Emboldened by the forest industry and hunting groups, the province has demonized and made scapegoats of wolves for the decline of everything from marmots to mountain caribou.

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War on wolves fails test of reason, efficacy and morality

The real culprit in the decline of the caribou is human activity The Vancouver Sun December 18, 2008\ By Chris Darimont and Chris Genovali With dismay we read Larry Pynn’s article (Wolves killed to protect caribou, Dec. 15) regarding the B.C. government’s clandestine war on wolves. What an astounding folly-in-the-making, and on several grounds.

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