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Where the salmon-loving bears roam

A sow and her cubs munch on grass at Grassy Point

After years of field work and collaboration, and months in the Raincoast lab, we’re very excited to share some insights from a new study, due for publication soon, that reveals habitat hotspots for grizzly bears across BC…

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The bear necessities of the salmon fishery

Grizzly wades through water with salmon in its mouth

Vancouver Sun

As Earth Day approaches on Sunday our thoughts turn to two of the most iconic species in BC, wild salmon and grizzly bears, as well as their intertwined relationship and how the choices we make are inextricably linked to their fates…

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Emerging from the den

Our spring field season has arrived and is led by Dr. Chris Darimont, Raincoast Director of Science by Chris Darimont Possessing only a rudimentary knowledge of gravity, delicate little claws for braking, and pure trust in their momma, brand new grizzly cubs are slip-sliding their way down snowfields this month as they emerge from their […]

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