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New dietary study reveals salmon hotspots for grizzly and black bears across 700,000 square kilometres

A bear in Mussel Inlet.

This study represents a decade of work covering an area reaching 1000km into BC and provides resource managers – Indigenous and Western alike – with dietary information from hundreds of bears across thousands of square kilometres, shedding light on the ecological interconnections of ecology in the expansive bear-salmon-human system…

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The bear necessities of the salmon fishery

Grizzly wades through water with salmon in its mouth

Vancouver Sun

As Earth Day approaches on Sunday our thoughts turn to two of the most iconic species in BC, wild salmon and grizzly bears, as well as their intertwined relationship and how the choices we make are inextricably linked to their fates…

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Hungry grizzlies enticed into giving away secrets

Members of Heiltsuk First Nation have set up bear hair snare stations to learn more about coastal grizzlies and, helped by data-sharing with Raincoast, a scientific analysis of the bears’ diet and movements is being compiled…

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