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Publishing and sharing images

We have a lot of images floating around and we’re trying to up our game on sharing and archiving. And we’re also trying to up our game on quality publishing. So towards this end…

Sharing images

If someone has requested an image for publication, here are some things to consider:

  • if it’s a new image, send us the full, highest resolution version
    • this way we can edit, crop, resize for web, print, social media, etc.
  • for web, generally, landscape images are better
  • let us know who the author is
  • let us know what the photo is about in a couple of sentences so we can write captions and alternative text (a required web accessibility practice) for various contexts.
  • if you’re the author, let us know if you’re extending full copyright to the image
    • let us know if we need to credit you
    • more here soon; this is a big topic

Publishing images

More information about publishing images on the Raincoast site.

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