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Animal Welfare

A collection of Raincoast’s published scientific papers, abstracts, and conference proceedings on animal welfare issues.

Poisoning Canada’s wolves with strychnine is unacceptable: journal comment

Wolves splash around in an intertidal zone of the Great Bear Rainforest

Published on 2015.07.14 | by Raincoast | in Animal Welfare, Coastal Wolves, For the coast, Scientific Literature

Raincoast scientists publish a comment in the Cambridge journal ‘Environmental Conservation’: the use of strychnine to poison wolves is unacceptable.

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Animal welfare papers presented at conference: Abstracts

Published on 2012.10.24 | by Raincoast | in Animal Welfare, Coastal Wolves

Raincoast has been pushing the idea of animal welfare considerations in wildlife management. The topic was addressed at the Wildlife Society’s Annual Conference where Raincoast presented two papers.

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Animal-welfare needs to go wild say Raincoast scientists

Published on 2010.08.28 | by Raincoast | in Animal Welfare

A new study published in the Journal of Animal Welfare by Raincoast scientists Paul Paquet and Chris Darimont, argues that degrading or destroying habitats and other impacts of human activities on wildlife causes them to suffer.  As such, animal welfare considerations granted to domestic animals need to be expanded to include wild animals. Photo: grizzly […]

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Wildlife conservation meets animal welfare

Published on 2010.08.26 | by Raincoast | in Animal Welfare

Paquet, P.C., and C.T. Darimont. 2010. Wildlife conservation meets animal welfare: two sides of the same coin? Animal Welfare 19: 177-190

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