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Exploring human dimensions of hunting via social science, evolutionary ecology, and personal experience

The Hunting Collective podcast brand to the left of Chris Darimont on a river in the central coast.

Published on 2020.09.12 | by Raincoast | in In the News

In episode 140 of The Hunting Collective podcast, Ben O’Brien does a fascinating and good-natured follow up interview with Dr. Barrie Gilbert. Dr. Gilbert is a prominent bear biologist, friend of Raincoast, and previous verbal sparring-partner with Ben (at least when it comes to the hunting of predators). Ben invited Dr. Gilbert back for another interview, and they made productive amends…

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Killer Creamery Partners with Raincoast to Protect Southern Resident Killer Whales

Pint of Free Whaley, Killer Creamery ice cream.

Published on 2019.06.05 | by Raincoast | in In the News

Killer Creamery, the healthy ice cream company, is partnering with Raincoast to raise funds for research and protection of Southern Resident killer whales, of which there are less than 80 remaining…

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Brian Falconer on Global News: Conservation group secures virtual end to all hunting in critical part of Great Bear Rainforest

Brian Falconer stands in a rainforest and explains the importance of securing the Nadeea tenure.

Published on 2017.12.05 | by Raincoast | in In the News

Raincoast’s Brian Falconer speaks to Global News about the importance of the new campaign to secure the Nadeea commercial hunting tenure and end trophy hunting …

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Fish-eating bears are fitter bears

Published on 2017.06.28 | by Raincoast | in In the News

New research by scientists at Raincoast and UVic shows how the lives of salmon and bears in BC are inextricably linked and underlines the importance of ecosystem protection to keep both species healthy…

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Brian Falconer interview re: the politics of wildlife management

The view of the coast through the front window of a research vessel on the water.

Published on 2017.06.07 | by Sherwin Arnott | in In the News

Brian Falconer joined Pamela McCall on CFAX 1070 last week to discuss the proposal in March by MLA Steve Thomson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, to create a destructive new “wildlife agency”…

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‘These bears are worth more alive’: New eco-tours aim to end B.C.’s grizzly hunt

Brian Falconer gets interviewed by CTV beside the Achiever

Published on 2017.05.10 | by Raincoast | in In the News

A Victoria-based conservation group has B.C.’s grizzly hunt in its crosshairs – hoping a new type of eco-tour will help put an end to the controversial practice for good. The Raincoast Conservation Foundation is readying the 20-metre research vessel…

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BC Liberals publish campaign promise to “work towards” eliminating grizzly hunting in GBR

Published on 2017.04.11 | by Raincoast | in In the News

It appears that the BC Liberals have agreed to eliminate trophy hunting of coastal grizzlies. It’s a welcome development to have both parties supporting the call to end the grizzly hunt in the Great Bear Rainforest…

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Partnering for wolves, bears, and people

Great bears playing in the long grass on the central coast of BC.

Published on 2017.04.08 | by Raincoast | in In the News

People in Bella Bella, a Heiltsuk First Nation community of about 2,000 in the Great Bear, have known for a long time that there was a difference between swimming coastal wolves and wolves of the interior. But to wolf biologists outside Bella Bella, this sounded unusual…

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Roundhouse Radio 98.3 interview with Thomas Reissmann and Ross Dixon

Documentary, The Grizzly Truth: a scene in an inlet of the Great Bear Rainforest

Published on 2017.04.06 | by Raincoast | in In the News

Listen to Ross Dixon and Thomas Reissmann speak to the recent release of Reissmann’s important documentary, The Grizzly Truth, and the myths and facts surrounding the commercial trophy hunting of grizzly bears…

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Trudeau’s Pipeline Approval Faces Court Challenge From Conservation Groups

Published on 2016.12.20 | by Raincoast | in In the News

Huffington Post/Bruce Cheadle, Canadian Press
Conservation groups have filed a new court challenge to the federal government’s approval of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline…

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Ship noise on government’s radar amid dispute over pipeline’s impact on whales

Published on | by Raincoast | in In the News

CTV News/Bruce Cheadle, Canadian Press
Conservation groups poised to file lawsuit challenging the Liberal cabinet’s approval of Kinder Morgan’s TMX…

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Big oil v orcas: Canadians fight pipeline that threatens killer whales

Published on 2016.11.16 | by Raincoast | in In the News

The Guardian: Trans Mountain Expansion project poses the greatest risk yet to a killer whale population on the edge of extinction…

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