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For the coast

Letter: Kinder Morgan intervenors demand answers from NEB about salmon protection

Spawning channel on the lower mainland.

Published on 2017.10.02 | by Raincoast | in For the coast

Raincoast and Living Oceans detailed concerns over the use of spawning deterrents in important Chinook salmon spawning area in this letter to the National Energy Board…

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New research gives insight into the minds of hunters

A grizzly bear sits down in the shallow water on the BC Coast.

Published on 2017.09.05 | by Chris Darimont, Raincoast Director of Science | in For the coast

Research from Raincoast and UVic has shed new light on what satisfies hunters. Reporting in the Wildlife Society Bulletin, we found that appreciation of nature and affiliation are common, but less pronounced ‘satisfactions’ expressed by hunters.

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Alaskans close fisheries to protect BC Chinook salmon, while Canada fishes on

Measuring a Chinook salmon on the lower Fraser river.

Published on 2017.08.31 | by Misty MacDuffee & Greg Taylor | in For the coast

There are just as many warning signs that Chinook (spring) salmon in British Columbia are also returning in poor numbers. So why does Canada take a much greater risk with its salmon fisheries than Alaska? Fisheries on the Nass, Skeena and Fraser Rivers…

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BC government signals challenge for Trans Mountain pipeline on legal grounds

Sockey salmon with bright red bodies swimming upstream in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Published on 2017.08.16 | by Chris Genovali, Executive Director | in For the coast

The BC government’s announcement to challenge the Trans Mountain pipeline is welcome news for BC’s coast. Raincoast, with its partners, is already challenging the NEB and federal government oil tanker and pipeline approval …

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New government moves BC into 21st Century by stopping the hunting of grizzly bears in the Great Bear Rainforest

A grizzly bear stands in the grass near the shallows of the Great Bear Rainforest, in Canada.

Published on 2017.08.14 | by Raincoast | in For the coast

Raincoast is hailing the province’s announcement to end grizzly hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest. We await details of the government’s new policy but anticipate working with the province and First Nations to acquire the remaining commercial hunting territories…

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Wildlife-management reform in British Columbia is long overdue

A grizzly bear on BC Coast stops to face an eagle.

Published on | by Chris Genovali & Paul C. Paquet | in For the coast

The province’s recent proposal to privatize wildlife management illustrates the pernicious effect of the North American model on the mindset of government bureaucrats and politicians…

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Innovative new research advances marine conservation in BC’s coastal waters

Aerial view of a humbpack whale.

Published on 2017.08.10 | by Caroline Fox | in For the coast

Years of Raincoast surveying marine mammals combined with new mapping techniques provides new insight into areas for potential conservation priority in the waters adjacent to the Great Bear Rainforest…

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Great Bear bound: congratulations Matthew Sanger

A Grizzly Bear sits down in the middle of a tidal flat in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Published on 2017.07.28 | by Raincoast | in For the coast

Thank you to everyone who participated, enjoyed a Grizzly Bar or two, donated, and entered to win the trip. We drew a winner and felt pretty thrilled when we got this response from the winner who is…

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BC’s marine mammals vulnerable to oil spills – especially killer whales

A humpback whale slips into the water near the

Published on 2017.07.27 | by Misty MacDuffee, Wild Salmon Program Director | in For the coast

BC’s marine mammals are at high risk from oil spill impacts. Our understanding of this has been deepened by our newly published research paper that developed a framework to assess the impact of oil spills on marine mammals…

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Rachel Notley not winning hearts or minds in B.C.

Sea lions in the Great Bear Rainforest

Published on 2017.07.24 | by Chris Genovali, Executive Director | in For the coast

With multiple lawsuits before the courts, including one by the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, and an anti-Trans Mountain provincial government taking power in British Columbia, Notley’s audacious guarantee seems intemperate at best. However, if Notley’s intention was to harden opposition in B.C. to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion…

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Clark’s ‘5 Conditions’ Concealed Support For B.C. Oil Projects

Published on 2017.02.28 | by Chris Genovali, Executive Director | in For the coast

Chris Genovali / Huffington Post: To no one’s surprise the provincial government of British Columbia signed off on Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain oil sands pipeline and supertanker project in the Salish Sea…

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Christy Clark’s ‘five conditions con’

Christy Clark at the World Economic Forum in India in 2011

Published on 2017.02.10 | by Chris Genovali, Executive Director | in For the coast

To no one’s surprise, the BC government has signed off on Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain oil sands pipeline and supertanker project in the Salish Sea.

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