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Conservation update

No half measures for Southern Resident killer whales

A single Southern Resident killer whale surfaces in the Salish Sea.

Published on 2019.04.30 | by Misty MacDuffee, Wild Salmon Program Director & Ross Dixon, Communications and Development Director. | in Conservation update

Right now, as we anticipate the return of these endangered whales to the Salish Sea, the federal government is considering exactly what measures they will take to aid recovery in 2019. They are asking you for your input, and it is critical that you encourage them to make the right choice. Many voices are advocating for less ambitious recovery actions…

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The future of applied conservation science is bright

A group of scientists and students converge after Christina Service's dissertation defence.

Published on 2019.04.29 | by Chris Genovali, Executive Director | in Conservation update

This has been a time of remarkable accomplishment for the Raincoast Applied Conservation Science Lab at the University of Victoria. The research that the lab produces is a dynamic mix of population analyses, biogeography, marine-terrestrial interactions and much more, all rooted in a ‘wildlife welfare’ ethic. Collaboration with Indigenous communities forms the hallmark of much of this work, which is being directly applied…

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No mitigation measures can protect Southern Resident killer whales from the noise of Trans Mountain’s tanker traffic

J16 spy hops: Southern Resident killer whale.

Published on 2019.02.22 | by Misty MacDuffee, Wild Salmon Program Director | in Conservation update

While we disagree with the NEB’s conclusion, we acknowledge that their review of the effects on killer whales accurately portrays the complexity and severity of the situation.

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Southern Resident killer whales need more than luck

Southern Resident killer whales swim by in the Salish Sea.

Published on 2019.01.21 | by Misty MacDuffee, Wild Salmon Program Director | in Conservation update

The reality is that calves like Lucky only have a 40% chance of survival. More sobering still is the fact that no calves have survived in this population in the last three years. This is why we have stopped using images…

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We did it! Fundraising for the Nadeea tenure is complete

A wolf sits in the intertidal zone and stares out: Safeguard Coastal Carnivores.

Published on 2018.12.20 | by Brian Falconer, Guide Outfitter Coordinator | in Conservation update

With online donations, cheques arriving in the mail, and match funding in place, we can now confirm that we’ve finally met our fundraising goal of $500,000! In the coming weeks we will formally complete our purchase of the Nadeea hunting tenure…

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Chinook salmon, 74 killer whales, and the future of the Salish Sea

A Southern Resident killer whales, J50, glides through the water in the Salish Sea.

Published on 2018.12.18 | by Misty MacDuffee, Wild Salmon Program Director | in Conservation update

2018 closes with just 74 Southern Resident killer whales remaining in the world. You’ve been with us through a year of huge wins and some heartbreaking losses and it’s worth a recap as we close the year and prepare for 2019. January – With 76 Southern Residents remaining, Raincoast and partners petition the government to […]

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Still no adequate threat reduction measures for endangered killer whales

Southern Resident killer whales spy hop with oil tankers in the background.

Published on 2018.09.22 | by Misty MacDuffee, Wild Salmon Program Director & Paul Paquet, Senior Scientist | in Conservation update

The federal government is instructing the National Energy Board to conduct a review of marine shipping associated with the proposed sevenfold increase in tanker traffic from the Trans Mountain expansion…

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Heart of the Fraser: Ecological stronghold faces imminent threat

An aerial photo of the stunning vista and sunset over the Heart of the Fraser.

Published on 2018.09.18 | by David Scott, Raincoast Lower Fraser Salmon Program Coordinator | in Conservation update

The Fraser River is an incredibly productive and important ecosystem which has supported abundant populations of salmon and sturgeon for thousands of years. However, in a few short centuries humans have drastically modified habitats throughout the watershed…

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We are taking the federal government to court to protect endangered Southern Resident killer whales

A Souther Resident killer whale is watched by a whale watching vessel: five logos on the right including David Suzuki Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, Georgia Strait Alliance, Natural Resources Defense council and Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

Published on 2018.09.05 | by Misty MacDuffee, Wild Salmon Program Director & Paul Paquet, Senior Scientist | in Conservation update

Today, we launched a lawsuit to ensure our federal government acts to protect the endangered Southern Resident killer whales. The lawsuit comes less than a month after Southern Resident J35 (Tahlequah) carried her deceased calf for 17 days

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We won our legal challenge to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

J50 and Family in the Salish Sea

Published on 2018.08.30 | by Raincoast | in Conservation update

Today we can all celebrate a significant win in our efforts to protect Southern Resident killer whales, Fraser River salmon and the Salish Sea. This morning, the federal court of appeal unanimously ruled that the Canadian government’s approval of the Trans Mountain Expansion project violated its legal obligations to protect endangered Southern Resident killer whales […]

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Fisheries closures needed for killer whales

J50 swims toward San Juan Island: a group of people stand by the lighthouse waiting and watching.

Published on 2018.08.16 | by Misty MacDuffee, Wild Salmon Program Director & Chris Genovali, Executive Director | in Conservation update

The Southern Resident killer whale population needs your voice to demand that the new federal Fisheries Minister, Jonathan Wilkinson, issue an emergency order that also includes the following actions…

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Creating a living atlas for salmon and salmon habitat in the Lower Fraser

A screenshot of the interactive map and living atlas of the Lower Fraser River.

Published on 2018.08.14 | by Riley Finn, Research Associate | in Conservation update

Much of this data currently contained within the atlas comes from provincially available data online, as well as the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) and the local stewardship organizations that we have met with. We hope that the map can be used to support decision making, management and…

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