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Conservation update

Federal Minister presses pause on Terminal 2

Misty MacDuffee in the Fraser Estuary

Published on 2020.09.16 | by Misty MacDuffee, Wild Salmon Program Director | in Conservation update

In a six page letter (PDF) to the CEO of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, Canada’s minister of Environment and Climate Change, Jonathan Wilkinson, requested more information from the Port to assess the effectiveness of mitigation efforts in the proposed expansion of Terminal 2 on Roberts Bank. Wikinson’s letter conveyed the panel’s conclusion about likely adverse effects to fish, fish habitat and other at-risk species if Terminal 2 proceeds…

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Big tree hunting on Salt Spring Island

Shauna Doll looks up while she big tree hunting on Salts Spring.

Published on 2020.09.01 | by Shauna Doll, Gulf Islands Forest Project Coordinator | in Conservation update

Earlier this month I spent two beautiful days on the coast of the Salish Sea, hunting for big trees. I was fortunate to join a research group of passionate “tree people” including Dr. Tara Martin, head of the Conservation Decisions Lab in the Faculty of Forestry at UBC; her Research Assistant, Cassandra Holt; Tony MacLeod from the Salt Spring Conservancy, and Jeff Shatford from the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development to measure some of the tallest trees on Salt Spring Island…

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Terminal 2 expansion threatens the Fraser estuary

Terminal 2 at the end of a long causeway, with Vancouver Island in the distance.

Published on 2020.05.27 | by Misty MacDuffee, Wild Salmon Program Director & Dave Scott, Research and Restoration Coordinator for the Lower Fraser Salmon Program | in Conservation update

The Port of Vancouver is proposing to double the size of its shipping terminal beside the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, putting further stress on an estuary that has already lost more than 70% of its natural habitat…

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It’s time to take action for wolves in British Columbia

Takaya/Staqeya stands on Discovery Island.

Published on 2020.04.07 | by Chris Genovali, Executive Director | in Conservation update

BC’s wolves are killed through a variety of means, most of which are gratuitous, inhumane and unethical. These include legal hunting and trapping, as well as government sanctioned culling, the latter using such techniques as aerial gunning and neck snares…

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Guide government action on Southern Resident killer whales before March 23

A researcher puts a breath sampler in the water from a long pole while a killer whale swims in another frame.

Published on 2020.03.18 | by Raincoast | in Conservation update

We have provided our answers to the survey questions to offer guidance if needed. Please complete it and share…

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Protecting the evergreen giants at the edge of the sea

Roe Lake on North Pender, on a blue sky day.

Published on 2020.02.19 | by Shauna Doll, Gulf Islands Forest Project Coordinator | in Conservation update

The rainshadow region, extending across the southeastern coast of Vancouver Island from Metchosin to Deep Bay; covering the Gulf Islands, and reaching the Sunshine Coast, has been subject to rampant land conversion—by some estimates up to 50%…

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Finding communities in salmon conservation

A salmon splashes in a shallow stream, surrounding by the vibrant colours of autumn.

Published on 2019.10.07 | by Kristen Walters, Lower Fraser River Salmon Conservation Program Coordinator | in Conservation update

As I crouch on the riverbank taking measurements of the salmon carcass, the ever-telling sensation of being watched creeps up my neck. I look up to see a mother black bear and her two cubs across the river, staring right at me. Our eyes meet, and time slows. In this moment of connected eyes and […]

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Success! We now have the downpayment for the Kitlope tenure

A grizzly bear wanders along a grassy bank in the Kitlope: a graphic identifying that the downpayment is achieved floats on top with a map of the coast.

Published on 2019.07.30 | by Ross Dixon, Communications & Development Director | in Conservation update

At this point it’s worth pausing to reflect on what we’ve already accomplished. With your support, and working with Coastal First Nations, thus far we have acquired the commercial trophy hunting rights in approximately 33,500 square kilometers. For perspective, that’s an area bigger than Vancouver Island…

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In search of the Lower Fraser’s lost streams

Close up of a map of streams and lost stream in the Fraser river watershed.

Published on 2019.07.23 | by Riley Finn, Research Associate | in Conservation update

There is currently renewed interest in locating historical streams that have long been paved over and lost in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Mapping these historical landscape features offers a connection to the land that has been lost through urbanization and highlights opportunities for restoration…

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Two weeks left for the Kitlope

The Kitlope as seen from the air.

Published on 2019.07.16 | by Brian Falconer, Guide Outfitter Coordinator | in Conservation update

We now have just two weeks to raise the remaining $15,000 of the $100,000 deposit we need to secure the purchase agreement for our 5th hunting tenure. This includes the commercial hunting rights in an area of over 5000 sq. km that encompasses the entire Kitlope…

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We’re headed back to court for killer whales

A killer whale in the foreground, with a container ship behind it in the mouth of the Fraser River.

Published on 2019.07.08 | by Misty MacDuffee, Wild Salmon Program Director & Paul Paquet, Senior Scientist | in Conservation update

Today we are returning to court with partners Ecojustice and Living Oceans Society to challenge the federal government’s re-approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Our lawyers at Ecojustice submitted a motion to the Federal Court of Appeal this morning, asking for leave to launch a judicial review of Cabinet’s decision. We contend that Cabinet […]

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Great news: juvenile salmon moving through habitats reconnected after 100 years

Raincoast Fraser River crew sampling juvenile salmon in the east breach.

Published on 2019.06.19 | by David Scott, Raincoast Lower Fraser Salmon Program Coordinator | in Conservation update

Since the removal of sections of the Steveston jetty in February, we have been sampling our new jetty ‘breaches’ and have consistently caught juvenile salmon moving through them! This is a huge success and was realized just weeks after…

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