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The Raincoast blog is where we put our thoughts and commentaries and details of our work with the public.

Fish out of Water

Published on 2006.02.01 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field, Raincoast Blog

  Nicola Temple, Bella Bella, BC Fall 2005   “OK, so you take these popsicle sticks and you use them to pick up some of the wolf scat. Then you put it in this tube, swirl it around with some ethanol and then take the rest of the scat and put it in a Ziploc […]

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Coring for Answers

Published on 2004.09.10 | by Misty MacDuffee, Wild Salmon Program Director | in Notes from the Field, Raincoast Blog

When I saw Owikeeno Lake from the plane my jaw dropped and my nerves soared. There was no mistaking it – brilliant emerald green stretching far beyond the restrictions of my little window. It’s amazing that a lake with so much glacial silt supports salmon at all, let alone the famed runs of Rivers Inlet.

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A Little Wolf Mystery, Part I

Published on 2004.08.10 | by Chris Darimont, Raincoast Director of Science | in Notes from the Field, Raincoast Blog

I needed a renewal. Spring had sprung some time ago and I was envious of the plants outside my office window that seemed a lot more active than I. After a long winter of computer work, it was time again to visit the wolves and the forests that had changed my life forever.

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