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three wolf cubs playing on a rock

Lethal wolf management

Wolves are blamed for the decline of prey populations, such as caribou, and have become government targets for ‘predator control’. These scientifically flawed and ethically unjustifiable actions reflect decisions designed to give the impression of concern for declining caribou herds.

Extensive research has shown that the destruction of old forests and wilderness areas from industrial intrusion are the real cause of caribou decline.  The most important component of caribou recovery is habitat quality.  The consequences to mountain and boreal caribou from logging, roading and fragmenting their habitat have been known for decades, yet BC and Alberta governments knowingly continued with those plans.  As these intrusions have intensified, wolves have become the scapegoat for decades of habitat loss caused by resource extraction and industrial activity in BC and Alberta.

Five reasons to oppose the wolf cull

Wolf & caribou briefing document 2015

RCF comments on BC Wolf Management Plan 2012

Management Plan for Humans 2012

Your voices against the wolf cull

 Recent papers and reports

Animal welfare papers presented at conference: Abstracts

Raincoast has been pushing the idea of animal welfare considerations in wildlife management. The topic was addressed at the Wildlife Society’s Annual Conference where Raincoast presented two papers.

Genetic differentiation in wolves

This paper examines genetic differentiation in a population of southwestern Manitoba wolves. Published in Conservation Genetics

Simulating effects of human disturbance on a wolf population in Manitoba, Canada

Stronen et al. 2012 Simulating effects of human disturbance on a wolf population in Manitoba, Canada

The Will of the Land

Peter Dettling’s new book “The Will of the Land” takes an important look at wolves and grizzlies in the region of Banff National Park. Peter is a remarkable photographer and advocate for wildlife. The foreward is written by Raincoast’s Dr. Paul Paquet…

The importance of large carnivores: Awakening Spirits

A new book chapter by Raincoast senior scientist Dr. Paul Paquet and co-authors discusses the ecological role of large carnivores on the landscape…

Wolf Updates

BC Ferries pulls anti-wolf cull ads after complaint

CBC News/All Points West
Raincoast is incredulous after a single passenger complaint caused BC Ferries to review and then pull the group’s anti-wolf cull ads…

Miley Cyrus, Pamela Anderson are right on BC’s wolf cull

Chris Genovali and Paul Paquet/Huffington Post
Actress Pamela Anderson and singer Miley Cyrus have rightly weighed in on BC’s wolf cull…

Pam and Miley are right about the BC wolf cull

Chris Genovali and Paul Paquet/Times Colonist
We offer five reasons why politicians who are supporting the cull should reconsider where they stand on the issue…

We must end Alberta’s persecution of wolves

Chris Genovali and Sadie Parr/Huffington Post
Grey wolves in Alberta are exposed to lethal threats from every angle, including aerial gunning from helicopters, choking neck-snares, and poison-baits…

Alberta must call a truce in war on wolves

Sadie Parr and Chris Genovali/Calgary Herald
Grey wolves in Alberta are exposed to lethal threats from every angle, including aerial gunning, neck snares, and poison-baits that lure wolves to excruciating deaths…

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