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Appeal court affirms protection for killer whales

Today’s decision from the Court of Appeal upheld an earlier ruling that the critical habitat of killer whales, including their salmon food supply must be legally protected by the federal government…

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Salmon Inquiry shows need for government overhaul

Media Release

Conservation groups say focus must be salmon, not industry

The federal government must re-prioritize science and conserving salmon rather than surrendering to short-term industry interests, according to recommendations made by conservation groups to a national inquiry into the decline of Fraser sockeye…

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Report shows Fraser River sockeye salmon stocks in poor health

Fraser sockeye populations are in more trouble than previously thought say 4 BC conservation groups. Of the 32 distinct sockeye populations, eight are extinct or nearly extinct and another 7 are at risk of extinction.

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Cohen to hear whether sea lice are impacting Fraser sockeye

Media Release: September 2, 2011

A Raincoast scientist is scheduled to testify at the Cohen Commission September 6 on a study that showed the first link between salmon farms and elevated levels of sea lice on juvenile Fraser River sockeye salmon…

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