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Study assesses marine pollution in waters of BC, Canada

For release March 19 2011 Download the PDF version Sidney BC; Researchers from the University of St Andrews, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Oceans Initiative and Environment Canada teamed up to assess the presence and potential threats from floating plastics and other debris to BC’s marine animals.

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Cougars: BC's neglected carnivore

In anticipation of the first provincial management plan for cougars, Raincoast Conservation Foundation released the report, British Columbia’s Neglected Carnivore: a conservation assessment and conservation planning guide for Cougars.

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Cougars: BC's neglected carnivores

In anticipation of a provincial management plan for cougars, Raincoast released the report on our neglected carnivore:

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DFO seeks to undo important precedent for at-risk species

January 17, 2011

VANCOUVER — Environmental groups vowed today to fight DFO’s appeal of a decisive and precedent-setting Federal Court ruling that declared that DFO must protect critical habitat of killer whales…

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Legal victory offers hope for killer whales

Media Release, December 7, 2010

Federal Court rules DFO failed to protect B.C. resident killer whale critical habitat. Conservation groups, represented by Ecojustice, have won a landmark decision…

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Scientists Urge Canada to Protect Its Rainforests

Raincoast senior scientist Dr. Paul Paquet is a co-author of new book highlighting the urgent need for Canada to protect its rainforests as climate change insurance…

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Salmon management should Include wildlife

As this year’s salmon head upstream, scientists have spawned a game-changing idea about how taking less salmon from the ocean might bring more benefits to ecosystems and economies…

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