Raincoast’s efforts to stop Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Project included new science, expert evidence, art, film, public education, and the courts

Our popular reports on the Northern Gateway proposal

  • Embroiled: Salmon, Tankers & the Enbridge Northern Gateway Proposal (PDF)
  • What’s at Stake: The cost of oil on BC’s Priceless Coast (PDF)

Art for an Oil-free Coast


Our evidence to the Joint Review Panel (CEAA-NEB) Hearings

Articles & Op- Eds from Raincoast staff on Northern Gateway

Extraction, shipping and use of tar sands oil threatens local, regional and global ecosystems

So Raincoast said “No” to Northern Gateway but “Yes” to the following:

  • uniting Canadians around a national energy strategy that promotes domestic energy security, sustainability, human and environmental health, and is in the long term interest of Canadian citizens.
  • protection of water, air, and soil resources that provide food and energy for life,
  • fostering healthy ecosystems that sustain wildlife, local communities and local economies,
  • protecting fish and wildlife resources that are critically important to Canadians for intrinsic, ecological, cultural and economic reasons,
  • meeting our domestic energy needs through low carbon alternatives,
  • reducing Canada’s contribution to global carbon emissions and addressing climate change,
  • rejecting corporate profit that destroys or threatens public resources

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Art for an oil-free coast


What's at Stake Report Cover

Why Canada needs to codify Bill C-48, the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act

November 6, 20175 min read
Misty MacDuffee travelled to Ottawa last week to give testimony to the House of Commons’ Standing Committee in support of Bill C-48…

Coastal bird populations and Big Oil

May 12, 20179 min read
Times Colonist: Raincoast studies helped put nails in the coffin of the Northern Gateway pipeline. Excerpt for the book “At sea with the marine birds of the Raincoast by Dr. Caroline Fox…

Enbridge, Kinder Morgan, and hope for killer whales

December 10, 20162 min read
We have something to celebrate. And so do you. In November, the federal government finally rejected the Northern Gateway proposal…

Supreme Court of Canada asked to weigh-in on future of Environmental Assessment Law

September 22, 20164 min read
Ecojustice lawyers, acting on behalf of Raincoast, have filed an application to appeal aspects of the Northern Gateway decision to the Supreme Court of Canada…