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Creature of the Coast

Fifteen-month old Callum is a creature of the coast. He bellyflops in bone-chilling ocean waves at sunset, laughs in delight, then runs back for more again and again until he is paralyzed by the cold. At an age when most toddlers are learning to climb stairs, he navigates over roots and fallen trees with the […]

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Seeing is Believing

Juvenile sockeye infected with sea lice as they migrate past fish farms in the Discovery Islands

A personal understanding of the places we are trying to protect is requisite for working as a Raincoaster. In this spirit, members of our salmon aquaculture team climbed aboard the SV Achiever last month and embarked on a journey of the Great Bear Rainforest. Under the wing of Alexandra Morton, we skirted the shores of […]

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The Secret Life of Salmon

With each step my foot sinks into a thick mat of woven moss and with each step I wonder whether there is anything beneath this mat to support my weight. I step cautiously, just in case, but I’m also trying to keep up with my partner, Chester Starr (the Lone Wolf), who moves swiftly through […]

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A critical assessment of the BC Central Coast Land & Resource Management Plan

This report is a critical assessment of protection for key wildlife & salmon habitats under the proposed BC Central Coast Land & Resource Management Plan undertaken by Dr. Paul Paquet, Dr. Chris Darimont, Dr. John Nelson and Katrina Bennett. The analysis focuses on salmon habitat, wolf homesites and deer winter range. The findings indicate that […]

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Scientific Criteria for Evaluation and Establishment of Grizzly Bear Management Areas (2004)

Grizzly Bear Management Areas (GBMAs) have been a focal part of the British Columbia (BC) government’s Grizzly Bear Conservation Strategy since 1995, and the BC government’s Independent Scientific Panel again recommended in 2003 that they be implemented with provisions to maintain connectivity between populations. In order to develop a conservation biology based model for a […]

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