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Fish Farm Link to Sea Lice Infections on B.C. Wild Salmon Confirmed

Martin Krkos­ek, Centre for Mathematical Biology, Depts. of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences and Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. The paper described here is published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B, March 2005 as, Krkošek, M., Lewis, M. A., & Volpe, J. P. Transmission dynamics of parasitic sea lice […]

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Down to the Wire

by Faisal Moola*protected email*Large Carnivore Projects Coordinator Victoria, BC, March 2005 It’s election time in British Columbia this spring (May 17) and campaigning by the various political parties has already begun in earnest.   In addition to the persistent concerns of the electorate on health care and education, the environment could also be a factor in […]

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Notes from the Shipyard

The alarm goes off at 6am. It’s still dark and I can hear the rain on Hemisphere Dancer’s aluminum coach house. Stephen and I don our raingear and quietly slip outside without waking Brian. As we walk the footpath along the Fraser River, Vancouver is already humming with the sounds of traffic. We spot a […]

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The Salmon Bears

The sound of the grizzly’s jaws crunching down on the bones of a salmon echoed up and down the Koeye River Valley. As we watched from our canoe, drifting silently on the water, the beautiful female bear devoured a big chum that she had corralled in a side pool created by a fallen tree. She […]

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Sea Lice Loot

White caps licking my gumboots, I make the leap from water taxi to gillnet fishing boat off the North coast of Vancouver Island. A burly Viking type fisherman, Calvin Siider, welcomes me aboard. I am one of many volunteers helping collect sea lice this year with Raincoast researcher Corey Peet. The success of our collections […]

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Coring for Answers

When I saw Owikeeno Lake from the plane my jaw dropped and my nerves soared. There was no mistaking it – brilliant emerald green stretching far beyond the restrictions of my little window. It’s amazing that a lake with so much glacial silt supports salmon at all, let alone the famed runs of Rivers Inlet.

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A Little Wolf Mystery, Part I

I needed a renewal. Spring had sprung some time ago and I was envious of the plants outside my office window that seemed a lot more active than I. After a long winter of computer work, it was time again to visit the wolves and the forests that had changed my life forever.

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The Magic of Hecate Strait

There are some places in this world that can expand our notion of what is possible.  Last month, when I spent 10 days on board Achiever in Hecate Strait, I quickly realized that I had found one of those places. Hecate Strait is the body of water between the Great Bear Rainforest and the Queen […]

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