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First Days

Chris Williamson, From Bella Bella, BC May 2006 First Days tend to hold a special place in our minds. The feelings, whether they are excitement, nervousness, or anticipation, burn a lasting impression in our brains that can be recalled with a vividness rarely achieved by any day thereafter. Among the First Days etched most deeply […]

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Exploring the Land of C’idawai

Briony Penn Salt Spring Island, BC May 2006 In 1916, populations of sandhill crane were pushed to the verge of extinction from overhunting in the United States prompting the introduction of the US Migratory Bird Treaty Act. In Heiltsuk memory, these cranes, called c’idawai, that typically arrived in mid-April from their southern wintering grounds in […]

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The Zen of Isotopes

I am master of the world’s smallest spoon. To be spoon master, one’s hand must be steady. My little spoon with its few grains of silt and sand must be placed into what seems like the world’s smallest capsule of foil. Once the sediment is inside, that capsule gets transferred to the balance. If it […]

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Fish out of Water

  Nicola Temple, Bella Bella, BC Fall 2005   “OK, so you take these popsicle sticks and you use them to pick up some of the wolf scat. Then you put it in this tube, swirl it around with some ethanol and then take the rest of the scat and put it in a Ziploc […]

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Raincoast Outfitters Ltd.

The old saying, “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” has taken on a new meaning here at Raincoast. In an unprecedented move, Raincoast, with the support of coastal First Nations, has successfully purchased one of the largest exclusive commercial trophy hunting tenures in the province. The license area covers over 20,000 square kilometres of […]

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Notes from the Office

Inspiration comes in many different forms. With Raincoast, I have found it among schools of migrating salmon and with grizzlies wrestling in the estuaries, and this month I found it in our Victoria office. Raincoast dreams big, and this year we needed the resources to significantly expand our protection efforts with new research, marine resources […]

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