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Notes from the Office

Inspiration comes in many different forms. With Raincoast, I have found it among schools of migrating salmon and with grizzlies wrestling in the estuaries, and this month I found it in our Victoria office. Raincoast dreams big, and this year we needed the resources to significantly expand our protection efforts with new research, marine resources […]

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So long, and thanks for all the fish

“Canada is a great country much too cold for good sense, inhabited by compassionate, intelligent people with bad hairdos.” Yann Martel, Life of Pi Enter: The Aussie marine mammal scientist One train, two busses, three taxis, and five flights later I arrive in Port Hardy, BC, to meet our expedition vessel, Gwaii Haanas. This is […]

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Great Bear Rainforest Agreement

An ongoing assessment of British Columbia’s efforts in protecting the Great Bear Rainforest September 1, 2005 Proposed land use plans for Great Bear Rainforest scientifically inadequate The British Columbia government is currently deciding whether or not to legally implement a new conservation blueprint for the Great Bear Rainforest. After years of consultation with the forestry […]

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Grizzly Politics in British Columbia

Raincoast has attained a copy of a soon-to-be published opinion piece that calls for the grizzly bear to be de-listed from the US Endangered Species Act. The opinion piece is scheduled to appear in the next issue of the International Bear Association’s official publication, urging the association’s membership to support the Bush administration’s proposed grizzly […]

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What Comes Around, Goes Around

As I set out, at first all I hear are the drips from my paddle as I enter a secluded lagoon. After several hundred strokes,however, their howls begin to echo along the rolling hills on either side of me. I’m searching for signs of the elusive coastal wolf near an estuary sheltered from the powerful […]

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You Are What You Eat

Our grizzly bear field crew canoed leisurely down the winding Koeye River, in search of not only the elusive bear itself, but all the evidence it had left behind. Our paddling became soft and rhythmic, yet our eyes scanned each shadow beneath every cedar, and our ears were tuned to any wrestling of leaves or […]

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The Longest Journey

“You only get one propeller,” Ian McAllister shouts half-jokingly as we head off from his dock towards Roscoe Inlet.  We are all excited to finally be starting Raincoast’s juvenile salmon migration project.  As we cruise the boat near the shore in search of salmon fry that have recently left their spawning streams for the open […]

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