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Grizzly Bears are under pressure from hunting, habitat loss and declining food supply. In 2005, Raincoast and its partners at the Institute of Ocean Sciences and the University of Victoria, published a paper on an additional concern, the threat from global pollution. This paper documented the presence of Persistent Organic Pollutants (such as DDT and […]

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A Silver Cycle

Michelle Nelson, PhD candidate, Simon Fraser University Bella Bella Field Station Spring 2007 The wolf hasn’t smelled us yet. Anxiously pacing the stream bank, he trots forward and back, nose to the ground, eyes on the water, intent on the movement beneath. He’s watching and waiting for the precise moment when he’ll leap, suddenly and […]

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Bear Interactions

By Heather Bryan, PhD Candidate and Rainforest Wolf Project From the white sands of Koeye River September 2007 Twilight at Koeye River flushes white sand dunes pink, softens the sound of howling wind in Fischer channel, and dampens the roar of the wave standing at river’s mouth. In these short moments of calm, a big […]

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