Donate and help us protect Southern Resident killer whales

Photo taken from land
by Miles Ritter.

Donate and help us protect Southern Resident killer whales

Canada’s population of Southern Resident killer whales are critically endangered; only 72 whales are currently alive in the summer of 2020. Their “nutritionally stressed” condition is due to 1) the low abundance of large, old Chinook salmon and 2) the interference of vessel noise and disturbance on their echolocation calls and the predatory search behaviour they use to catch salmon. Your donation helps us continue this work on behalf of Southern Resident killer whales.

Help us save endangered killer whales

Now is the time to act

For the last 10 years, Raincoast has been using science, public education and the courts to try and protect these endangered whales. With their salmon stocks in decline and targeted by fisheries, and a noisy and polluted ocean, analysis by Raincoast and by government scientists indicate they face extinction if these threats are not reduced. The good news is they can recover if these conditions are reversed.

The path forward: your support matters

We work to get meaningful reductions in the threats that are preventing killer whale recovery.  This work focuses on changing fisheries management and implementing Chinook recovery, vessel noise and disturbance reduction, and contaminant work on Fraser River juvenile Chinook salmon. We also undertake Chinook habitat restoration and protection in the Fraser River.

These whales can recover if we increase the availability of Chinook salmon and reduce vessel disturbance.  Click below to get more details on our work.