Photos from the making of Groundswell

The making of Groundswell was a team effort. Here are a few photos from the making of a documentary of the West Coast, as seen through the eyes of surfers.

Photos by Dean Azim and Jeremy Koreski.

A killer whale fin breaks the surface of the water

A surfer rips off the lip of wave in the sunset
This guy can rip.

Two surfers are silhouetted in the foreground, with Achiever in the background

A surfer slides ahead of the curl with giant trees looming in the background

A surfer walks by in the foreground, while a campmate tends to the camping arrangements in the background

A surfer in a wet suit walk up the beach while the rain pours down on him and his board
Rain matters less when you’re in a wetsuit.

A grizzly bear eats a salmon during the making of Groundswell

Brian Falconer is down below and lit up by the cabin lights of the sailboat