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You can help save the great bears: become a fundraiser.

Join us and help us save the great bears

Are you interested in doing more than donate to save bears? You can become a fundraiser and help us to save the great bears of the Great Bear Rainforest. It’s easy.

For fundraising individuals

It’s easy to become a fundraiser and your help is powerful. All you really need is to love bears and believe in our campaign. A bit of creativity also helps! Join us.

Become a fundraiser

For community and corporate teams

Company teams may choose to have an office donation drive, organize an event, collaborate with other partners and businesses, ask their friends & family for donations or turn their favourite activity into a fundraiser – whatever your team wants to take on!

Make your team 

Sign up, spread the word, save bears

Do you have a small group of friends, community network, or company team? You can sign up to be an individual fundraiser, or you can sign up as a team.

When you sign up to fundraise on our behalf you will be joining our network of supporters who care about stopping the commercial trophy hunt on the coast of BC.

It’s as simple as creating a fundraiser profile, and sharing your fundraising link with your friends and family.

Or, you can sign up with a team profile and invite others to join your team. There are many ways to raise money and Save the Great Bears!

Some fundraising ideas

There are an infinite ways for you to connect with the people in your life and ask them to make a donation to save bears. You can be creative as you want. And you can decide where you want to put yourself in the comfort-discomfort zone.

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You can help Save the Great Bears: find out how