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Salmon, Tankers and the Enbridge Northern Gateway Proposal

More than 5,000 spawning populations of wild salmon come from the watersheds that surround the proposed tanker routes between Kitimat estuary and Haida Gwaii. These salmon are grouped into 250 irreplaceable biological units and represent 58% of the Pacific salmon on Canada’s West coast. They are the backbone of our remarkable coastal ecosystems, the iconic wildlife that rely on these fish, and the basis of multi-million dollar economies in eco tourism, salmon-based tourism and the salmon resource sector.

The Raincoast report, Embroiled: Salmon, Tankers and the Enbridge Northern Gateway Proposal, explores the connections between the oil industry’s proposed activities and how those activities can adversely affect salmon. It also examines how Enbridge failed to assess the potential impacts to these fish, and did not undertake a risk assessment suitable to determine ecological, social or economic consequences.

Executive Summary (PDF)

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