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B.C.’s approach to wildlife management needs major ethical reform

A bighorn sheep close up on face and eye.

Published on 2018.08.31 | by Kyle Artelle, Paul Paquet, Faisal Moola, Chris Genovali, & Chris Darimont | in Commentary

British Columbia has begun an ambitious effort to review the province’s approach to managing wildlife, with $14 million committed so far. The Province’s interest in reform is encouraging. As explained in a letter we recently published in the journal Science…

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Endangered killer whales still await real action

L92 comes to the surface to get a better look around; spyhop.

Published on 2018.07.10 | by Misty MacDuffee & Jeffery Young | in Commentary

The imminent threats to the survival of these whales require the federal government to take immediate action to reduce those threats, not ramp them up. The federal government already faces one killer-whale lawsuit for approving the Trans Mountain project and violating the Species at Risk Act…

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Trans Mountain is now Taxpayer Mountain

Transmountain, or Taxpayer Mountain

Published on 2018.06.12 | by Chris Genovali, Executive Director | in Commentary

The Canadian federal government’s purchase of the Trans Mountain project from Kinder Morgan is financially and environmentally dubious. With this decision, Trans Mountain should now be renamed Taxpayer Mountain…

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Trophy hunting: Science on its own can’t dictate policy

Three bears, a mother and cubs, stand in the grass and water, with some words overtop: "Policy cannot be dictated by science alone..."

Published on 2017.12.12 | by Chris Darimont, Kyle Artelle, Faisal Moola & Paul Paquet | in Commentary

Science can predict outcomes of policy options, but how society ought to act is ultimately decided by values. The hunting ban aligns with most of society’s moral compass: trophy hunting of inedible animals is no longer acceptable…

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Action for killer whales cannot be delayed

Two southern resident killer whales approach in the Salish Sea.

Published on 2017.10.13 | by Dr. Paul C. Paquet, Senior Scientist, Raincoast Conservation Foundation | in Commentary

The Salish Sea’s Southern Resident killer whale population is one of the most critically endangered populations of marine mammals in Canada and the U.S. Both countries list this transboundary population as endangered, citing three primary risk factors…

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Alaskans close fisheries to protect BC Chinook salmon, while Canada fishes on

Measuring a Chinook salmon on the lower Fraser river.

Published on 2017.08.31 | by Misty MacDuffee & Greg Taylor | in Commentary

There are just as many warning signs that Chinook (spring) salmon in British Columbia are also returning in poor numbers. So why does Canada take a much greater risk with its salmon fisheries than Alaska? Fisheries on the Nass, Skeena and Fraser Rivers…

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Wildlife-management reform in British Columbia is long overdue

A grizzly bear on BC Coast stops to face an eagle.

Published on 2017.08.14 | by Chris Genovali & Paul C. Paquet | in Commentary

The province’s recent proposal to privatize wildlife management illustrates the pernicious effect of the North American model on the mindset of government bureaucrats and politicians…

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Rachel Notley not winning hearts or minds in B.C.

Sea lions in the Great Bear Rainforest

Published on 2017.07.24 | by Chris Genovali, Executive Director | in Commentary

With multiple lawsuits before the courts, including one by the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, and an anti-Trans Mountain provincial government taking power in British Columbia, Notley’s audacious guarantee seems intemperate at best. However, if Notley’s intention was to harden opposition in B.C. to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion…

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Clark’s ‘5 Conditions’ Concealed Support For B.C. Oil Projects

Published on 2017.02.28 | by Chris Genovali, Executive Director | in Commentary

Chris Genovali / Huffington Post: To no one’s surprise the provincial government of British Columbia signed off on Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain oil sands pipeline and supertanker project in the Salish Sea…

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