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The Raincoast blog is where we put our thoughts and commentaries and details of our work with the public.

Thank you everyone that came out last night

Lush Cosmetics presents: Trophy

Published on 2017.04.27 | by Sherwin Arnott | in Raincoast Blog

People swarmed the Vic Theatre last night to watch Trophy a beautiful film by Inder Nirwan and Lush Cosmetics. This film explores trophy hunting of grizzly bears in BC…

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Saving the great bears, one contest entry at a time

People posing with their Grizzly Bar on social media so they can save bears, and enter to win

Published on 2017.04.19 | by Sherwin Arnott | in Raincoast Blog

Many people have donated and they’re entered into the contest to win a trip in the Great Bear Rainforest. Others have found the Grizzly Bar and posted on social media using the #GrizzlyBar hashtag…

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What does it mean to win a trip in the Great Bear Rainforest?

Eat chocolate win a trip in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Published on 2017.04.12 | by Nick Sinclair | in Raincoast Blog

Even when we aren’t having a contest for a free trip in the Great Bear Rainforest, we get questions about journeys in the Great Bear Rainforest. Thank you to everyone who is supporting our efforts to save the great bears. And thank you to Denman Island Chocolate for making this once in a lifetime trip […]

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Hunting for Grizzly Bars

Grizzly Bar: Chocolate to help protect the Great Bears Forever

Published on 2017.04.06 | by Sherwin Arnott | in Raincoast Blog

The Grizzly Bar is in some stores that carry Denman Island Chocolate and others will be receiving their deliveries very soon. In the meantime, you should know that there’s another way…

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How to find the Grizzly Bar

Chocolate bars, Grizzly Bars, lined up for shipping.

Published on 2017.03.31 | by Ross Dixon | in Raincoast Blog

We just wanted to let people know that the Grizzly Bar is ready and shipping and will be available very soon. It’s not going to be everywhere though. But there’s always options…

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Eat chocolate, save bears, win an epic trip

Eat chocolate, save bears.

Published on | by Ross Dixon | in Raincoast Blog

Denman Island Chocolate is helping us protect bears in the Great Bear Rainforest. They’ve made a new Grizzly Bar to support our work stopping the commercial trophy hunt. And they’ve generously created an opportunity for someone else to have an epic trip…

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BC Bear Day at Capilano University

Two bear cubs wrestle

Published on 2017.03.14 | by Raincoast | in Events, Raincoast Blog

Parents and Children of all ages are invited to attend Capilano University’s 2017 BC Bear Day Celebration. We’re co-sponsoring this event along with the North Shore Black Bear Society and …

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A fyke net, Steve, killer whales and the Bella Rose   

Published on 2017.03.02 | by Misty MacDuffee | in Raincoast Blog

It takes this and more as we begin our second season of juvenile salmon research on the Fraser Estuary…

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2016 – The year in review

Published on 2016.12.22 | by Raincoast | in Raincoast Blog

December 2016 closes our 20th year and with it, we can celebrate a major conservation success…

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