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The Raincoast blog is where we put our thoughts and commentaries and details of our work with the public.

Update: closing in on securing the Nadeea tenure

The Sitka donation-o-meter is at $313,000!

Published on 2018.11.06 | by Ross Dixon & Brian Falconer | in Raincoast Blog

We now have bids on a number of pieces and we’ve sold limited editions prints. Thanks to numerous donations, large and small, we have now raised $313,182…

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The Salish Sea Emerging Stewards kick off

The light of the sun streams in between the trees on UVic campus.

Published on 2018.10.16 | by Maureen Vo, Education and Development Coordinator | in Raincoast Blog

We’re very excited to be kicking off the Salish Sea Emerging Stewards Program this week with youth from the Indigenous Leadership program and other youth from the Cowichan School District. We’re in the first phase of our new three part Salish Sea Stewards program. This is the land-based preliminary learning phase where we’ll be introducing […]

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We can end commercial trophy hunting in the Nadeea tenure

A grizzly bear stands in the neck and head deep fireweed, sniffing the air.

Published on 2018.09.27 | by Alena Ebeling-Schuld | in Raincoast Blog

In the world we currently live in, it is such a rare opportunity to have a direct, tangible, positive impact. It can be excruciatingly difficult to know whether or not you are making a positive change. When you’re just one person, the world often seems so big, and the problems in it so insurmountable, that […]

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I am riding my bike to save coastal carnivores, and you can help me

Ilona Mihalik poses with her bike at the top of PKOLS.

Published on 2018.09.06 | by Ilona Mihalik, Research Associate | in Raincoast Blog

This area is home to each of these large carnivores, in addition to grizzly bears and wolverines. Unfortunately, they can all (with the exception of grizzly bears) be legally hunted for sport. You can help me protect them…

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Koeye Camp – 20 years of engaging youth in science and culture

Raincoast scientists learning with a camper on making grizzly bear paw cast

Published on 2018.08.22 | by Maureen Vo, Education and Development Coordinator | in Raincoast Blog

Every summer, Raincoast joins and supports the Qqs Project Society with Koeye camp, an innovative camp program that takes place in the Koeye River valley. This year was a particularly special year as it marked the 20-year anniversary of the camp…

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Angela Gnyp: A wilderness artist down under

Published on 2018.08.15 | by Angela Gnyp | in Raincoast Blog

When I first found out about Raincoast’s goal to buy up the commercial hunting territories in 2013, it was something I couldn’t ignore. So, on discovering the opportunity to fundraise for the Safeguarding Coastal Carnivores campaign earlier this year, I knew I had to sign up…

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Trail running to safeguard the Nadeea tenure

Baylee runs in the XTERRA Victoria Trail Run

Published on 2018.07.17 | by Baylee Woodley | in Raincoast Blog

I was a little out of my comfort zone to ask people to donate, but it was so worth it! My fundraising for Raincoast has been about giving back to the natural world that sustains me and that sustains my love of running…

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Giordano Corlazzoli: Running for Coastal Carnivores

Giordano Corlazzoli and his parents stand together after a marathon.

Published on 2018.07.11 | by Giordano Corlazzoli | in Raincoast Blog

The planned route for my run takes me over 500 kilometers from Port Hardy to Victoria, traveling along the Old Island Highway when possible. I will be running about a marathon’s distance a day, with the actual daily distance varying from as little as 32 km, to as much as…

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Summer employment opportunity

The rises while we head out on the Lower Fraser to conduct our research

Published on 2018.03.17 | by Misty MacDuffee, Wild Salmon Program Director | in Raincoast Blog

Are you a biology student looking for a great summer job? Check out Raincoast’s juvenile salmon program in the Fraser Estuary. We are looking to hire two field assistants…

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