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Raincoast’s new evidence on Southern Resident killer whales for the National Energy Board’s reconsideration of the Trans Mountain Expansion

Beam Reach Haro Strait Salish Sea, with a map of the Southern Resident killer whale critical habitat and the tanker route tot he Trans Mountain Expansion Burnaby terminal.

Published on 2019.02.20 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders

The National Energy Board is now preparing its recommendations to cabinet on the Trans Mountain Expansion. When we won our legal case in the federal court of appeal in August 2018, the courts quashed the Trans Mountain permits and required the National Energy Board to reconsider their recommendations…

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Backgrounder: Emergency order under the Species at Risk Act

J16 and J26 on a smokey day in the Salish Sea.

Published on 2018.08.16 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders

Research by an international team of scientists, including Raincoast staff, showed that a modelled 30 per cent increase in the coast-wide Chinook abundance above the 1979-2008 average could increase southern resident growth rate by as much as 1.9 per cent…

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Emergency order requested for Southern Resident killer whales: time is running out

A map of the proposed emergency order, with logos of the various orgs involved including Ecojustice and the David Suzuki Foundation.

Published on 2018.01.30 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders

Raincoast and its partners, represented by Ecojustice, are calling on federal cabinet ministers LeBlanc and McKenna to recommend cabinet issue an emergency order under Canada’s Species at Risk Act…

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Letter: Protection of grizzly bears should be strengthened in the expansion of the Species at Risk Act

A grizzly bear pulls on some brush along the shoreline

Published on 2018.01.23 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders

Raincoast supports the proposal to list 13 new terrestrial species to Schedule 1 of Canada’s Species at Risk Act. While we are encouraged by this, the focus of this submission is on grizzly bears…

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