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Misty MacDuffee explains why Southern Resident killer whales are threatened by industrialization of the Salish Sea

MacDuffee laughs aboard a small boat on the Fraser River.

Published on 2017.08.17 | by Raincoast | in Audio

Misty MacDuffee joined Adam Stirling on CFAX 1070 to discuss the plight of the Southern Resident killer whales. Adam Stirling raises questions regarding the growing threat of oil tankers and shipping traffic…

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Death of L95 and the lives of Southern Resident killer whales

Published on 2016.10.24 | by Raincoast | in Audio, In the News

Misty MacDuffee speaks with Roundhouse Radio about the life and death of Southern Resident killer whales…

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Chinook salmon and its importance to Southern Resident killer whales

Three orcas swim from right to left.

Published on 2016.09.24 | by Raincoast | in Audio, In the News

Raincoast’s Misty MacDuffee speaks with Roundhouse Radio about the importance of Chinook (Spring) salmon to the survival of Southern Resident killer whales.

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Raincoast speaks with CBC about province’s wildlife killing in the Peace

two wolves running on snow

Published on 2015.12.12 | by Raincoast | in Audio

Raincoast’s Chris Darimont speaks with CBC about the Clark proposal to triple the number of grizzlies killed in the Peace and launch unlimited hunting of wolves…

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Justifying the trophy hunting of grizzlies

Published on 2015.01.13 | by Raincoast | in Audio

CFAX 1070 talks to Raincoast and the trophy hunters in a one hour feature on the grizzly hunt…

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New study shows hunted wolves under stress

Wolves splash around in an intertidal zone of the Great Bear Rainforest

Published on 2014.11.28 | by Raincoast | in Audio, Wolves

Listen to Raincoast’s Dr. Chris Darimont discuss our study on the stress that hunting causes to wolves…

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Raincoast’s Brian Falconer speaks about ending the BC grizzly hunt

3 trophy hunters kneel behind a dead grizzly.

Published on 2013.10.08 | by Raincoast | in Audio, In the News

CFAX discusses the BC government-sanctioned trophy hunting of grizzly bears with Raincoast’s Brian Falconer. Listen to the podcast…

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CFAX Interview with Raincoast’s Brian Falconer about the trophy hunt

Published on 2013.09.24 | by Raincoast | in Audio, In the News

CFAX interviews Raincoast’s Brian Falconer about our call for an investigation into Clayton Stoner’s killing of a grizzly bear using a “BC resident” license…

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CBC interviews: The ethics of trophy hunting

Published on 2013.09.04 | by Raincoast | in Audio, In the News

CBC interviews William Housty from the Heiltsuk Nation and Raincoast’s Paul Paquet as they discuss the ethics of killing grizzly bears for “sport”…

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