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Oil Subsidies Undermine Tax

By CHRIS GENOVALI Victoria Times Colonist: Letters to the Editor Published: Thursday, February 21, 2008 While the Liberals try to foster a transition to a low-carbon economy via the new carbon-pricing initiative, their budget announcement simultaneously includes a 24 per cent increase in oil and gas subsidies, in addition to further funding and promotion of […]

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The Zen of Isotopes

I am master of the world’s smallest spoon. To be spoon master, one’s hand must be steady. My little spoon with its few grains of silt and sand must be placed into what seems like the world’s smallest capsule of foil. Once the sediment is inside, that capsule gets transferred to the balance. If it […]

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Down to the Wire

by Faisal Moola*protected email*Large Carnivore Projects Coordinator Victoria, BC, March 2005 It’s election time in British Columbia this spring (May 17) and campaigning by the various political parties has already begun in earnest.   In addition to the persistent concerns of the electorate on health care and education, the environment could also be a factor in […]

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Coring for Answers

When I saw Owikeeno Lake from the plane my jaw dropped and my nerves soared. There was no mistaking it – brilliant emerald green stretching far beyond the restrictions of my little window. It’s amazing that a lake with so much glacial silt supports salmon at all, let alone the famed runs of Rivers Inlet.

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